Dr. Mathias Bonk


I am passionate about Global Health and International Relations. As an independent Global Health Consultant I am regularly working for WHO, WHO Regional Office for Europe, Swiss Federal Office of Public Health, Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin and on a few other projects. Previously I have been working as the Program Director of the World Health Summit in Berlin. In addition I was the coordinator of the M8 Alliance and together  with The Lancet I initiated the “New Voices in Global Health” program. In recent years I have also been working with a broad range of academic, political, non-governmental and private sector organizations. Before my Global Health career I have practiced as a paediatrician and neonatologist in Germany, the United Kingdom and India. I have also specialized in International Health and Tropical Medicine. Throughout my career I have been volunteering in India with the Missionaries of Charity and supporting H.E.L.G.O. e.V. (Help for Education and Life Guide Organisation)

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